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Renting out a home is easier said than​ ​done. And as a good landlord you naturally take this task seriously. Experience and expertise are required to guarantee the quality of the rental. As well as knowledge of this dynamic market, laws and rules. Cityhomes has the right knowledge and experience in this area and is therefore happy to support you in this process. Our passion is renting out your property! 

During the rental period we also can be​ of service. With Cityhomes management we take many tasks off your hands in an efficient way. Below you can read which management options we can offer you and because not every home is the same and not every landlord has the same wishes, we would be happy to visit you to discuss your personal situation. Then we can prepare a customized management plan for you.



Financial and administration management

We take care of your entire rental administration. From drawing up the lease to collecting and transferring the monthly rent and implementing the annual rent increase to managing timely rent payments. You have nothing to worry about anymore. Efficiency and security are our core values ​​within this service.


Commercial management 

There is a lot involved with the (re) renting of your property. Leave it to a professional: the efficiency of Cityhomes ensures you that the process runs smoothly. ​I​n consultation with you, we ​set up a candidate profile, carefully recruit and​ select prospective tenants  and​ ​arrange viewings.  Of course, this also includes the execution of pre- and post-inspections under this package.


Maintenance and technical management 

As the first point of contact for tenants (during office hours), Cityhomes takes ownership of any issues that arise concerning the rental property, such as inspections, supervising and monitoring maintenance work and checking to ensure that the tenancy agreement is complied with (by both parties).


What are the costs?

If you want us to take over the worries of the rent payments, rent increases and possibly the annual settlement advances, we can offer this from € 75.00 per month.

If you prefer to hand over all maintenance, we offer you two options:
The complete management of financial and administrative management, commercial management and technical maintenance management;

Option 1 with a fee of 6% on monthly rent and with each change of tenant 6% over the rented months with a maximum of 12 months.

Option 2 with a fee of 10% over the monthly rent where the change of tenant is included. No mediation fee is therefore charged.

If a new home is taken care of, we charge an initial fee of 4% over the first 12 rented months.

All amounts are exclusive of 21% VAT.

Additional services

Additional tailor-made services include 24/7 emergency calls, drafting maintenance reports or 5-year maintenance plans. We can provide supervision for major renovation work or structural inspections. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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