Awesome service

Awesome service, everything went real smooth :)

Peter / 4 days agoView all reviews on Trustpilot


I am still unsure if they just personally hate expats or pure outright incompetence from their end. Initially 1 employee mentioned I got the house, then another goes back on their word saying the landlord found another tenant and they don't want to give it to a married couple. The house is still in the market as we speak - and apparently is also available for other couples to apply right now - on my enquiry again they confirmed the house is not available for ME as I am a married and they found another tenant. [I am a highly skilled migrant expat (Indian by ethnicity ) who just moved to amsterdam 1 week ago - I satisfied all criteria mentioned for the place ] - and this experience has already left a bad taste with regards to all real estate brokers from amsterdam already

Praveen Kanakala / 1 month agoView all reviews on Trustpilot

Highly recommend!

Very professional and friendly team. They have made the moving process very easy and I would highly recommend them!

Raluca / 3 months agoView all reviews on Trustpilot

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