Frequently asked questions tenants

Renting a property advertised on this website we will charge you €175,- contract cost excluding VAT.


For appropriate advice it is necessary that you give us good information about your wishes and about any (current) alternative home offers. During the process we would appreciate if you give us your honest feedback about the visited rental properties. Finally, we ask you to be realistic, sometimes it can take a while before your ideal rental property is found.

  • Always a clear answer to all your questions.
  • Clear, reliable and honest opinions.
  • Sharp during the negotiation for the best rental price.
  • Check on the Tenancy Agreement.
  • Presence at the control at the start of the rental property as well as at the end of the rental period.
  • Always reachable during the entire rental period.
  • Always a clear answer to all your questions.
  • Clear, reliable and honest opinions.
  • Full service.
  • Presence at the control at the end of the rental period.

You always can contact us if you have any questions.

Please download them here 


The rental Guide, which you can download here, contains important information for you as a tenant. For example over the rent, rent increase, acquisition, deposit, maintenance etc. Also a handy checklist for when you are moving.

This can be downloaded here.

Download Maintenance ABC, here you will find precisely who is responsible for repairs. Do you need help with this? Please contact us by phone.

Frequently asked questions landlords


  • Clear answers to all your questions.
  • Clear and reliable advice on rents and/or modifications to your home.
  • The publication of your property on several property sites.
  • Offering your property to house hunters, housing consultants, relocators and HR departments of companies.
  • The proposal of tenants that fit in the profile you specify.
  • Careful monitoring of the employment contract, passport, residence permit, if any, and if necessary, the data of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • The professional preparation of the lease. Including any clauses on home detention, a trip abroad, renovation, trial cohabitation or duty of care.
  • The collection of the deposit and the first month's rent.
  • A smooth handing over of the property to the tenant, with the help of a checklist, in which the State of the home is noted.
  • A thorough check-out using the check-in report. In case of damage, it is dealt with directly.


  • A serious attitude in relation to the rental.
  • The rental property as a product that should be kept in good condition.
  • Take care of all defined factors that contribute to the enjoyment of the rental for the tenant.
  • A delivery of the proper paperwork; a copy of the title deed, a copy of your passport and the signed rental-order confirmation.
  • Honesty about your concerns about your property or tenants and also feedback on our service.
  • Contact if you have new ideas about your home or rental, we think along with you!

The drafting of the tenancy agreement is included in the service. Would you, however, like to extend a tenancy agreement for an additional rental period for the sitting tenant, then we charge for this €150.00 excluding VAT.

That is certainly possible. For this we charge €150,00 excluding VAT.

That is possible, but only in combination with the drawing up of a contract, check-in and check-out. The cost is €450.00 exclusive of VAT. 

  • We think and act as if we are the owner of your property.
  • We have a pro-active attitude. Better to replace something now, rather than that the tenant is affected later.
  • We are your eyes and ears during your absence!
  • We have a solid work attitude and adhere to the municipal Ordinance.
  • Your tenant is not checked in, before the rent and security deposit are transferred to us.
  • Immediately after the tenant is checked in we transfer your money. The costs incurred by us will be deducted.

With a successful mediation you pay 8% of the rent with a maximum of 12 months. If the rental period is shorter than 12 months, you pay the number of rented months with a minimum of 6. If the agreement is continued, the remainder will be charged to 12 months.  The charged fees are exclusive of 21% VAT.

If a tenant leaves by using the diplomatic clause rather than the prescribed period, then we set off the fee on any remaining period with the new hire.

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Frequently asked questions management

Yes, this is certainly possible. We can take care of the entire rent administration. From arranging the rental agreement to the collection and transfer of the monthly rent and the implementation of the annual rent increase to the management of timely rental payments.

That is possible if you have delegated the maintenance and technical management to Cityhomes. If this is not the case, you will remain the contact for these questions and complaints.

We can take care of the maintenance reports for you or a 5-year plan. Supervision of renovations or structural inspections are also available.

This is only possible if we have made agreements with you as a landlord. Otherwise regular office hours.


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