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On June 5th, 2012 the telecoms law changed. One of the changes required that the owners of the website ask permission to the visitors of the website for the use of cookies. As a result that each website is legally obliged to inform the user about cookies and to ask permission for their use. This website also uses cookies.

What do these cookies?

Cookies are small text files that is created to certain data form Websites that you visit. For example a language or other settings. Cookies are required fort his website to function better and for statistical purpose. The cookies we use for www.cityhomes.nl are not tracked to one person, one PC or other device. A cookie will not save any names, address, age or other personal information (except in some cases your IP address).

There are two types of cookies.

  • Direct cookies are used by the website in the address bar.

  • Indirectly cookies come from other domains (Websites), of which certain parts are used on a Web page (such as movies from You Tube)

This website uses:

  • Necessary cookies

To facilitate your visit to our site (language choice, not to user research), we make use of cookies. These cookies remember your choices. For these cookies we would not need to ask permission.

  • Cookies for website statistics

The statistics on this website are tracked using Google Analytics. This is one of the most widely used Web analytics services and is offered by Google Inc. Whit Google Analytics we measure visits data. For example, which pages are visited, the best with which browsers our visitors browse the Web or used screen size. With this data we can not see who or which PC visit our website. Google can this, as a provider of the service, see. On these (English-language) page for website developers, Google explain the cookies that Google Analytics uses. Based on the statistics of Google Analytics we can improve the site. For these cookies we must ask permission. We do not use the data to find out who you are, but only to make your visit to our site to analyse.

  • Third party Cookies

On this site, we use You tube, Add This and other external parties. We think that the use of the services that these third parties offer, make your visit to our website better. The third parties may set cookies to capture certain data, for example to analyse click behaviour of visitors.

How can you disable cookies?

Disabling cookies affects only the computer and browser that you use on that moment. If you use multiple computers or browsers, you must repeat this procedure on each computer and browser. On the site of the public authority “Warning service” you will find more information about how to disable cookies.

Future: confusion effects Dutch cookie Act

At this time, there is still much unclear about the precise effect of the law. Cityhomes.nl is still considering ​ who to interpreted this law.

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