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Cityhomes - Because renting is a profession

Renting out a home is easier said than done.

And as a good landlord you naturally take this task seriously. Experience and expertise are required to guarantee the quality of the rental. As well as knowledge of this dynamic market, laws and rules.

Cityhomes has the right knowledge and experience in this area and is happy to take this work off your hands. In addition to finding the right tenant, we are at your service throughout the entire rental period.

We know from experience that landlords often find the business side difficult. Even though both sides, tenant and lessor are of goodwill, differences of opinion can occur.
Collecting the rent, calling on rental behavior or desired adjustments in the home can lead to tensions but we tackle this efficiently.

Below you can read what it means.

City Homes Continuity of rental

We carefully select potential tenants of your choice and arrange the viewings. The candidates are checked and after your approval we prepare the rental agreement. We carry out the check-in and check-out inspections and we keep you informed of the quality of your home through careful documentation.
We are the first to know when the tenants are leaving the house and can immediately start searching for new potential tenants. In this way the chance of vacancy is reduced.

City Homes Financial administration

We take care of invoices to collect and transfer the monthly rent. This includes the implementation of the annual rent increase and the management of timely rent payments.

City Homes Maintenance ABC

Both tenant and landlord have the shared responsibility to keep the property in a good condition. See here ABC maintenance the list of maintenance items for the tenant and respectively for the landlord.

City Homes What are the costs?

For this Full Rental Service we request a reimbursement of 8% excluding VAT of the total monthly rent, whereby the change of tenant is included.
Therefore, no brokerage fee is charged. No mediation fee!

City Homes Additional services

The additional services consist of, among other things, Full House Management, where we are available 24/7 for handling urgent matters. Or relinquish the task of drawing up maintenance reports or a 5-year plan. Supervision of renovation work or building inspections? Count on the professional approach of Cityhomes.

City Homes

Rent it out!

No need to worry about the rented property: look under Cityhomes Management.

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