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Renting a new home is more than only a viewing. It is not only finding a new home, fitting within your budget, you must also think of the legal aspects, such as the rental contract, agreements with the landlord etc.

You can control and experience it yourself but you can also leave it to Cityhomes. We will guide you during your search and help you with it.

Your requirements are leading in our search for your ideal home. As experienced mediators our main goal is to find you the right rental property in a short period of time. Of course, at the most competitive price. In addition, we work exclusively with reliable landlords. Another worry less! Take in consideration what Cityhomes can do for you and feel free to contact us.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and have comfortable and stress-free tenancy. Whether you’re a first-time renter or an experienced tenant, we hope you find the answers you’re looking for here. If yuo have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

City Homes What is cityhomes charging me as tenant?

Renting a property advertised on this website we will charge you €175,- contract cost excluding VAT.

City Homes What kind of information is needed during the intake?

For appropriate advice it is necessary that you give us good information about your wishes and about any (current) alternative home offers. During the process we would appreciate if you give us your honest feedback about the visited rental properties. Finally, we ask you to be realistic, sometimes it can take a while before your ideal rental property is found.

City Homes What can I expect from cityhomes as a home seeker?

  • Always a clear answer to all your questions.
  • Clear, reliable and honest opinions.
  • Sharp during the negotiation for the best rental price.
  • Check on the Tenancy Agreement.
  • Presence at the control at the start of the rental property as well as at the end of the rental period.

City Homes What can I expect as a tenant of cityhomes?

  • Always reachable during the entire rental period.
  • Always a clear answer to all your questions.
  • Clear, reliable and honest opinions.
  • Full service.
  • Presence at the control at the end of the rental period.

City Homes Where to ask about rental property?

You always can contact us if you have any questions.

City Homes Good Landlordship Act

The Good Landlord Act, introduced on 1 July 2023, obliges the landlord to inform the tenant about his rights and obligations when the tenancy agreement is concluded. The Good Landlord Act contains, among other things, information about the rights and obligations of the parties, types of tenancy agreements, possibilities and restrictions for the landlord to enter the rented property and possibilities for the tenant to turn to a contact point/reporting point of the municipality, the rent assessment committee and the subdistrict court judge.

Here you can download the document Good Landlordship Act and Regulation Good Landlordship

The rental agreement refers to this link.

City Homes Where to find home search terms and conditions?

This can be downloaded here.

City Homes Who fixes house damage?

Download Maintenance ABC, here you will find precisely who is responsible for repairs. Do you need help with this? Please contact us by phone.

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