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Renting a new home is more than only a viewing. It is not only finding a new home, fitting within your budget, you must also think of the legal aspects, such as the rental contract, agreements with the landlord etc.. You can control and experience it yourself but you can also leave it to Cityhomes. We will guide you during your search and help you with it.

Your requirements are leading in our search for your ideal home. As experienced mediators our main goal is to find you the right rental property in a short period of time. Of course, at the most competitive price. In addition, we work exclusively with reliable landlords. Another worry less! Take in consideration what Cityhomes can do for you and feel free to contact us.



Below you will find a list of relevant information for renting a property. Click on the button to download the file.



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There are two options to find your new home.


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Register on our website. After we have received your registration we will contact you by phone to discuss a number of issues. We will tell you immediately what the possibilities are and we will have your search criteria clear. Through our website and Facebook we will keep you informed of our latest listings as well as by e-mail.

Did you find a suitable house in our database? Please contact City Homes for a viewing. If you decide to rent then we draw up the rental contract for you.

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Would you rather not be busy with searching for your new home? Leave it to us, as it is our profession.

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  1. It starts with a profound intake in which we discuss your requirements and advise you about the possibilities within your budget.   

  1. During or after the intake we will propose a selection of suitable properties for you. These homes are selected from our own database but can also come from colleague rental agencies.

  1.  For homes selected from colleague agents databases viewings will be scheduled with colleague agents brokers to get  an efficient viewings-route scheduled.

  1.  Is there one to your taste and you would like to rent it? Then we'll give you a reliable advice.

  2.  If the rental property will rented out by Cityhomes, then we set up the rental contract. If this is not the case,then we willcheck the rental contract for you.

  1. At the handover of the keys, we are present for a thorough check in. This ensures you that everything is well documented.

  1. The costs for our mediation depends on the rental property. When renting a property advertised on this site, coming from our own portfolio, we will charge nothing. For other rental properties, not coming from our own database, we require a mediation fee equal to one month's rent, plus 21% VAT.

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